Sunday, July 28, 2013



Meet my friends/sisters.
(from left to right)
Geo, Athena, Rika, Shaun, Kia, Shaira, Egee, Me, Thea, Char, Aia and our only boy Raylid..

I miss them.I came home today and i noticed something being alone isn’t good for people like me , you see all that was in my head was anxiety my friends the one i used to hang out with everyday.. In the halls. Out after school. In classes you see high school teaches you how to work with others how to `be civil in a sense, how to show respect for yourself and others. How ever high school doesn’t teach you the pain, the way to coop with the feelings. When all you knew where the people around you day in and out . To have them just rip away from you after you’ve learned to accept them for who the really and for no matter what reason be there for one another.

I really miss my  abnormal  friends.

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